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They are a delicious and fun to catch. Dungeness are abundant up and down our Pacific Coast. It is a great place to catch a few Dungeness Crab. Shore bound anglers and boaters alike enjoy good crabbing in Westport, Washington. Whether dropping a few crab pots along the coastline on your way offshore to salmon fish or spending a weekend with the family on the docks, you can get in on this great fishery. From the jetties to Half Moon Bay to the boat basin. The Westport Boat Basin is by far the most popular spot for land-lubbers looking to catch Dungeness Crab.

The most popular place to drop crab rings is off Float 20, which is located on the northwest corner of the basin and is accessed from Neddie Rose Drive Neddie Rose Drive begins at the western end of the basin at The Islander and dead-ends at the parking lot for Float Float 20 is often vacant of boats, leaving plenty of space for anyone looking to try their luck with Dungies. Float 20 is very close to the entrance of the basin, and many crabs will push into the marina from Grays Harbor, offering a better chance at keeper size crab than on other floats.

People flock to Westport in the summer for a quick weekend getaway. While you are there, go to the Westport Boat Basin and soak a crab ring! Within the Westport Boat Basin, crab rings are preferred to pots. Rings only need to soak for a mere 20 minutes since they lay flat on the bottom. Nearby Dungeness simply tap dance over to the bait and begin the feast. But longer soak times are required when using traps or pots. Crab need time to work their way around the pot to find the entrance.

Many of the shops and charter offices along the main street Westhaven Drive offer daily rentals of crab rings.

westport crabbing

Float 20 offers the only access to the high pier, where anglers catch flounder, Greenling and Rockfish. I like to throw my rings off the ramp to the high pier, or toss them away from the float just before that. Once you get your fishing fix, go crabbing in the basin with the carcasses from your catch. The high pier at the end of Float 20 is popular with anglers but Dungeness Crab can also be caught here.

This is perfect for castable crab snares. The Westport Jetty is one of my favorite places to crab from shore. I have found that the distant half of the Jetty offers a shore crabber access to a little deeper water, which usually equates to an abundance of larger Dungeness. While I have done well casting Crab Snares on the Harbor side of the Jetty, if the Ocean side is calm enough, I have found greater success getting a limit.

Half Moon Bay is a great place for a beach stroll and offers shore fishing for flounder, perch and Dungeness crab.

westport crabbing

It is located at Westhaven State Park. Bring a stout fishing rod and a crab snare and you have a great chance at beaching a few tasty Dungeness!

Dungeness Crab in Westport Washington

Westport has long been home to a thriving commercial crabbing fleet. And any boaters trying to cross the Grays Harbor Bar in the early spring will find themselves carefully watching for commercial crab buoys as they make their way to the open ocean. Crabbing in the ocean can be productive at times.

Ocean currents can be extremely strong, so heavily weighted crab pots are essential.Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Westport Crab. View map.

[Fishin EP.1] Fishing for Dungeness Crab in Westport Washington!

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By: TrackerPro Actually over three days, various times and tides. Hit multiple areas from shore with multiple baits and set ups, including a crab rig.

Caught Sculpin and Female Dungeness crab, but no surf perch! By: brianmonticello.

Crabbing Season in Westport, Washington

Had a lot of fun on the 4th of July doing some jetty fishing with my friend! Check out the youtube video I made for it below, and let me know what you think :. Had some fun crabbing at westport that same weekend that we went jetty fishing!

Check out the video of it below :. By: kodacachers. I mistakenly thought that opening day on the ocean was something not to miss, but apparently the fish didn't get the date on their calendar. We drug herring around most of the Pacific--from sight of Great day digging razor clams with of my closest friends!

Plenary of room for all and a nice woman showed me what I was doing wrong!! By: jchennesc. Went surf perch fishing for the very first time with two close friends and had a blast! We fished from 9am till sunset with a few breaks and a lunch run. We moved around a bit but settled on ocean shBack Events Travel Information. Welcome to Westport, the West Coast's commercial fishing hub. Daily, fishermen land their harvest shore-side and place millions of pounds of seafood into local, domestic, and global markets — feeding the world, feeding their families.

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While this bounty is sought after around the globe, it is available locally to consumers who visit Westport, WA, where seasonally fishermen sell their catch from the docks. They offer minimally handled, fresh, authentically-sourced seafood from our working waterfront.

Tuna, Crab, Halibut, and Salmon are seasonally available straight from fishermen off their boats, but always available at nearby seafood markets. Buy fresh local seafood directly from Westport's fishermen! Fresh crab, tuna, salmon, halibut, oysters, and more! Call for availability or head down to the docks and markets to purchase.

Fresh Dungeness Crab. Dungeness Crab is the tastiest of all the crabs and the backbone of Westport's seafood industry. Commercial fishing boats come from all over the west coast to participate in this valuable, sustainable fishery. The season is at its peak from December through March though the local fleet harvests and sells its product through September. In the summer, you'll find fisherman regularly selling fresh crab from their boats each weekend in the marina. Crab is available live, cooked, and locally canned.

Fresh Dungeness crab is available at the Westport Marina and local seafood markets 10 months a year. View fullsize. Fresh is best! Buy fresh local seafood directly from Westport's fishermen. Albacore Tuna. A significant portion of the North Pacific albacore tuna fleet delivers their catch right here in Westport! For decades, tuna has ranked as a top 5 seafood for consumers.

The US albacore fishery produces the highest quality, and most sustainably managed albacore tuna in the world.

westport crabbing

Give your tastebuds an experience and purchase fresh tuna from our local fishermen. Many folks come from far and wide to buy fish from our robust albacore fleet. Eat Washington seafood and support your local fishermen! Local Canned Albacore Tuna While millions of albacore cross our docks and continue to the global market, we think our locally canned tunas are far superior and worthy of your investment.

Tuna is excellent when cooked fresh or canned. Don't have the time to can it yourself? We have great options for locally caught and canned tuna here in Westport. Seafood Markets. From oysters to halibut, visit our local seafood markets for a variety of fresh, locally sourced seafood!

The finest locally caught fresh and canned seafood is available at our markets. Eat Local Seafood.Learn about how to avoid losing your gear while on the water.

They also must return their catch record cards or report online even if they did not go crabbing or catch any crab. The deadline for returning summer and winter catch cards is printed on each catch card.

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Crabbers have several options for reporting their catch information. Fishery managers rely on individual catch record card reports to estimate recreational harvest and to set future crabbing opportunities. By completing catch record cards, fishers play a vital role in maintaining sustainable harvest opportunities.

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Translation limitations and disclaimer. The new cards are separate from the multi-species card used for recording catches of salmon, halibut and other fish. People of all ages who have a crab endorsement and received a catch record card are required to make a report even if they did not go crabbing or catch any crab.

The website address for reporting crab catches is printed on the catch record card along with reporting deadlines. The reporting site will only accept catch reports during two time periods. The reporting site will allow you to view your reporting history at any time. They are not required along the coast, which includes marine areas and marine area 4 west of the Bonilla-Tatoosh line. Open from October 1, through December 31, seven days a week.

westport crabbing

Will not open in Columbia River. Willapa Bay - Area Grays Harbor - Area Neah Bay - East of Tatoosh-Bonilla line. Neah Bay - West of Tatoosh-Bonilla line. Sekiu and Pillar Point. North - Gulf of Georgia. Deception Pass - Area Statewide gear rules crab, shrimp, crawfish Report derelict fishing gear.

NOTE: All crab fishing gear must be removed from the water by one hour after sunset on the last day of any fishing period. Crab fishing gear may not remain in the water on closed days. Allocation and soft shell closures may affect season, please check this page or the shellfish rule change hotline.

Crab seasons and areas

Must release all soft-shellfemales and undersized crab. Must release all soft-shell crab. Translation limitations and disclaimer. Westport-Ocean Shores - Marine Area 2. Rules Dungeness and Red Rock Crab, all fishing methods. Season Crab Pots: Open 1 Dec. Crab gear other than pots: Open all year. Limits Allocation and soft shell closures may affect season, please check this page or the shellfish rule change hotline. Fishing instruments must not penetrate the shell. Species Min. Red Rock crab 5" Six crab of either sex see above Must retain back shell while in the field.

Dungeness crab. Must retain back shell while in the field. Red Rock crab.Westport, a small fishing town in Washington, is the perfect place for any beach-lover. Whether you come here to admire the ships coming into the port, stroll on the boardwalk or try some of the country's freshest seafood, there's something in Westport for everyone.

Although a lot of things make this town special, the best part of Westport has to be its crabbing season, which is unlike anywhere else in the United States. Crabbing season in Westport is all-year round, yet certain times of the year are designated for crab pots, which are used to catch massive amounts of crab.

In Westport, crab pots can only be used from December 1st through September 15th. Any other kind of gear can be used days a year, such as ring nets or even your bare hands. People crab in various marine areas around Westport, including Grays Harbor. You can catch crab in the Puget Sound or the ocean. Visitors and locals alike can walk the shore around Westport to crab at different areas. Just head to the dock at the West Marina and fish for crabs there. Every year, Westport holds the World Class Crab Races, an exciting, one-of-a-kind festival where visitors come to enjoy crab dinners and other seafood dishes while participating or watching the crab derby.

The derby is held over a weekend in April, and you can bring your own crab or purchase one at the marina. You can bet on a winner and, hopefully, win a cash prize. If you're staying for the weekend, book a stay at one of the many hotels in the area, including the Westport Inn, the Breakers Boutique Inn or the Chateau Westport.

To enjoy crabbing season in Westport, you'll need to follow some rules. The two main species of crabs that you'll likely find in Westport are Dungeness and red rock rcab, so familiarize yourself with these crabs. If you catch Dungeness crab, know that it must retain its back shell while in the field, and all soft shells, females and undersized crabs must be released back into the water.

If you catch red rock, it also must retain its back shell while in the field, and you must release all soft-shell crabs. Finally, no fishing instruments can penetrate the shells of these crabs. Keep in mind that, depending on the recreational crabbing site, different regulations may exist regarding the size and limitation of your catch.

But, in general, the size limit is about 6 inches for male Dungeness crabs and 5 inches for both sexes of red rock crabs. Before heading home for the night, make sure you don't your fishing gear at the water on closed days.

If you crab in Westport, there's a good chance that you'll probably walk away with something. But, if you run out of luck, you don't want to crab, or you'd simply rather get right to the good stuff, you can order crab at a seafood restaurant in Westport. You'll find restaurants in Westport on the dock and lining the boardwalk, where you can get the day's freshest catch without having to get your hands dirty.