S tronic vs tiptronic q5

Jump to navigation. This is the latest example of the Audi Q5equipped with a new 2.

Audi Q5 35 TDI S tronic and Q5 40 TDI S tronic quattro

The Q5 is part of the new generation of soft-roaders hitting the UK's roads. Capable of tackling country roads, motorways and fields all in the same sitting, these vehicles need to be versatile and sturdy while still offering good economy and value for money. In S-line spec the Q5 benefits from inch wheels, Xenon headlights with DRL functionality, and plenty of colour-coded interior stitching.

The subtle sports bodykit also helps give the Q5 extra presence on the road compared to the somewhat bland-looking standard car. The things we like about the old Q5 remain: its steering is light and direct with plenty of feel and the car seems well planted on most surfaces with little body roll, while the cabin is spacious and well equipped.

Unfortunately the same things we disliked about the old model are still here, too.

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The 2. The eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox does a decent job of matching power and economy, although sometimes its keenness to shift up to higher gears means you miss out on the meatier delivery of the engine. There's a manual shift option, too, but we found the Q5 to be slow to respond when using it. Audi says the Q5 can achieve The Q5 is nicely packaged on most fronts. The cabin is genuinely a nice place to be and on long journeys especially passengers will benefit from the extra space. The engine is good enough, but we actively missed the low-range torque of a diesel unit.

Add that to the real-world economy figures we collected and the conclusion is simple: the diesel Q5 is a better machine. For company car drivers the case for a diesel is even stronger, scoring lower taxes in almost every category next to the petrol. As a whole the Q5 is still one of the best soft-roaders on the market. I love every model of Audi car. These are really very nice and the designing of Audi cars are simply extra-ordinary.

s tronic vs tiptronic q5

The Audi Q5 in the above picture looking awesome. Audi Q5 is very attractive and an efficient car. It is one of the popular Audi model and mostly people love this model.

I have gone through the above features of Audi Q5 and i must say, it is really very nice. Audi Repair Chino Hills. Well Audi is always known for its car. And now it is the turn of Audi Q5. These car manufacturers have allowed the users to have a test drive of this car in order to get successful reviews for this car.

It has also got automatic gear control, also has a smooth steering. This car has all the features which is required by any automobile. Login Register. Newsletter sign up. Mobile navigation. Tabs Menu. You are logged out.Well, at the moment only older diesels are in the firing line over emissionsbut certainly the general theme from policy makers is to encourage us to move away from anything that's refuelled from a black pump.

We rate the Q5's 2. But if you want to go petrol over fears about future penalties, or for any other reason, you might want to consider this 2.

You might think a 2. Thanks to it having a turbocharger, the engine develops a heady bhp, so when you stick your foot flat to the floor it feels decidedly brisk, squishing you back in your seat and barnstorming to the 70mph limit before you reach the end of the motorway slip road. What about torque?

s tronic vs tiptronic q5

Happily, this 2. At speed, wind and road noise are better supressed than in the rival Jaguar F-Paceand at full chat the engine stays dignified, emitting no more than a fruity background buzz.

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Yes, we would expect more from the 2. That said, around town you will be firmly rooted in the midmpgs. As we already know, the Q5 is a comfortable and quiet car to mooch about town or cover vast distances at speed in. Our 2. It is quite floaty on gently undulating roads, but you can stiffen it up using the drive-mode switch and selecting Dynamic mode. But suffice to say that in the quest for the perfect driving position, drivers of all shapes will appreciate the amount of adjustment to the seat and steering wheel.

And also the fit and finish: Audi really has this particular facet licked, with the Q5 looking and feeling considerably plusher than all of the competition. This car will seat four tall adults with ease, or five at a push. The boot is also big, matching the X3 when it comes to the number of shopping bags you can cram inside.

s tronic vs tiptronic q5

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Vende tu coche. Toggle navigation Foro Debates de Coches - coches. Discusiones Actividad Acceder. Debido a los abusos por parte de algunos usuarios del foro de coches. Cvt:variador continuo. Tiptronic: convertidor de par,de toda la vida. S-tronic: alias DSG,doble embrage automatico. Para mi sin entrar en detalles el S-tronic el mejor. EL tiptronic es el cambio mas antiguo de todos, tiene 6 velocidades, es el cambio automatico por excelencia, notas cuando el coche hace el cambio, la perdida de rpm y de velocidad Y el multitronic es una evolucion del tiptronic, no tiene marchas, aunque sus cambios se asemejan a los que serian 7 velocidades.

Es un variador continuo, como el de las motocicletas, casi no notas el cambio, es muy sueva y lineal S tronic en audi solo lo tienes en A3 y TT Tiptronic lo utiliza cualquier coche de la gama excepto el TT, la mayoria de veces se compenetra con la traccion quattro, ya que multitronic es incompatible con esta traccion. El txikitini como tu dices te va a corregir Necesitas ayuda?Reidy Nov 23, Log in or Sign up.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. S-Tronic Tiptronic Reidy Nov 23, Evening folks Can anyone tell me the difference from a s-tronic gearbox and a tiptronic gearbox from looking at it as i am bit puzzled or can anyone tell s-tronic gearbox codes i have A4 TFSI and was told it was a s-tronic when bought just had gearbox oil changed and they tell me i have tiptronic cheers reidy.

ReidyNov 23, MikemcNov 28, NHNNov 29, Tiptronic is a conventional automatic gearbox, S-Tronic is a twin-clutch automated manual gearbox still classed as an automatic. Hope this helps. I believe the term DSG is still used in VW vehicles whislt Audi marketing considered Stronic to sound more exec and thus command a higher premium As Mylo said - Stronic is in effect an "auto clutch" manual gearbox, with some electronic self shifting.

It features simultaneous disengage of a gear whilst engaging the next - via the mentioend dual clutches. Tiptronic is an auto shift with torque converter etc. I believe DSG or "Stronic" boxes have been offered in both 6 and 7 speed variants, though perhaps not on all models?

Spr0cketAug 23, As the last to really.

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You can also tell from the gear selector as well as they are very different in appearance in the A4 though of course not fool proof method. AjMAug 29, NGU code is for an S-tronic gearbox, right?

Johnny BravoSep 15, Surely, Tiptronic is the licensed trademark for Porsche's original system that adds a sequential manual mode to automatic transmissions, controlled either by the shift lever or, if fitted, paddles as well. In that context, Tiptronic isn't the name of any Audi autobox, it's an operational mode available on all of them.ThatGuy Aug 22, Log in or Sign up.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. S tronic vs tiptronic ThatGuy Aug 22, So my search results on several evenings resulted in dsg s tronic is the best gearbox ever with shift times blink of an eye, feeling blah blah until it breaks and as far as I can tell it will eventually, even more so if you add extra Nm on top.

I will try to just drive the car with just a remap for a year or two probably couple monthsbut inevitably I know I will modify something to have extra few hp and nm. Knowing that, which gearbox is the way to go?

It needs to hold Oh, almost forgot, I need paddle shifts. Tl;dr s tronic or tiptronic reliability in general or for nm; can you fit paddle shifts on both? Thanks for your input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. ThatGuyAug 22, ThatGuyAug 29, I mean really no one has a clue?

Not even an unhelpful try google reply? ThatGuySep 18, Audi is also improving the range of equipment with the standard digital radio across the range. The average consumption approved according to the WLTP cycle is 5. In this way, the Q5 40 TDI quattro S tronic not only improves the performance of the previous version, but also is more efficient, as its consumption and emissions are reduced. The Audi Q5 with the kW hp 2. In addition to the innovations in the engine offer, Audi enhances the appeal of the sports SUV by adding digital radio as standard in all versions and improving the technology package, one of the most popular, and which allows you to enjoy the best infotainment experience for aboard the Audi Q5.

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Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI 252 quattro S tronic review 2017

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Обзор автоматов Audi: S-tronic и Multitronic. В чем разница?

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