Famicom disk system error 27

If you've ever wondered why some titles asked for a password to continue your gaming session, while others allowed you to save your data via battery backup, look no further than this little red box. The history of how the NES came to the US, and how it differs from the original Famicom, is wonderfully detailed in our ongoing video series! Check out the related videos below, or watch all of Season 1. TV FamicomDojo. Manufacturer: Model No. Nintendo Co. Share: Facebook Reddit Digg.

Disk System Error Codes Err. Related Videos. Related Podcasts. TV Discuss. How good do retro games look on your HDTV set? TV 4cr Discuss. Play against your friends as Wallace Wells, even if you're not in the same living room! The Cave, and more! Since Diablo 3 launched to the public, the patience of many gamers has been put to the test. GoNintendo's rumor mill has been churning out speculation about the supposed handheld title, called Castlevania: Mirror of Fate. Phil Bond joins us to discuss the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3.Welcome to Famicom World.

Please login or sign up. Entire forum This topic This board. January 23,am. Mobile Main Menu. Started by Xious, January 07,am Previous topic - Next topic. Go Down Pages 1. This is a Quasi-F.

Q ; it has no actual questions, but it contains answers to the most baffling question of all regarding the Famicom Disk System. I intended this to be my 1,th post here, however when a thread was deleted, it changed my count and thus, it became postor something like that Anyhow, enjoy the use of my tidbits of knowledge. I worked out the meanings behind these error codes, and the source of the trouble for each by countess hours of working on FDS repair and restoration, and additional unfathomed hours of experimentation and research.

While some of this is already known, many of the mysteries of these horribly defined error messages are not discussed in detail anywhere else. If you have any additional information to add, please post a reply in this thread and I will consider adding anything that you have to contribute. Additional credit also goes to Ericfor his excellent documentation of Err. The goal of this Quasi-F. It is not meant to explain how to correct them, nor shall I be documenting any techniques for spindle alignment here or anywhere else in the foreseeable future.

Please do not beg for this: I offer complete FDS service and restoration for those unable to complete the task on their own, or for those who wish to have it done by a competent technician who guarantees his work with a first-class warranty. As a final comment, please note that although FamicomWorld has my permission in perpetuity to use or publish this anywhere on the FamicomWorld website, nobody else does. I retain full copyright to this document in its entirety and I reserve all my rights as the author of this document.

If I see it anywhere else, don't be shocked if I come a-knocking. Nobody outside of FW has my permission to publish it in part or in full, in any context whatever.

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It is Copyright Flashback Vintage Electronicsif anybody actually cares. Your card-carrier tray may not be entirely engaging, and may be missing sprigs, or require cleaning, etc. I suspect that it generates this specific error when this happens before or during the initialization process, and Err.Step 1 Turn over the FDS and remove the six 6 phillips head screws that hold the casing together.

Step 2 Turn the FDS over and remove the top cover. At the back of the FDS there is a rectangular battery tray which is fastened with two screws. Remove the screws and the tray. Using your thumb and index finger, slowly move the connector in the back of the disk drive from side to side to loosen and unplug it. If you are having trouble removing the cable from the connector, remove the four screws holding the drive to the base of the case and move the drive forward for additional working space.

FDS - Connector. Lift and remove the front trim piece. Once the drive is removed from the casing, look for the two wires which are circled in blue in the picture below.

Each wire has a piece of the metal casing holding it in place. Bend the metal clips back and carefully release the wire. This is very important to perform since the wires could end up breaking off. FDS - Wire Clamp.

Step 4 Turn the disk drive over and remove the three screws shown in the picture below, ignoring the top left one at this time. Step 5 Once the base removed, the drive belt is visible. Remove the four screws shown in the picture below and carefully lift the circuit board. Underneath the circuit board is where the gray wire is connected with a four pin connector. This can either be left alone or you can disconnect it, but the drive belt can be replaced with it still connected.

Step 6 Remove the three screws shown below and then turn the metal triangle clockwise and carefully lift it out under the circuit board. Be careful not to lose the circular plastic shims that are between the triangle and gears. FDS - Screw Location. Because the belt goes between one of the legs on the metal triangle the one with two screw holes you cannot attach the belt and then the triangle, you have to connect both at the same time.

First place the drive belt under the correct leg and place the triangle back in the top right corner and slowly turn it. Carefully move the belt so it goes around the white circular drive cog. Once the belt is around the bottom half of the cog, carefully stretch it to the top left-hand corner around the motor.

Check that the drive belt is lined up and then slot the triangle back into place. It should click as it goes into position.Welcome to Famicom World. Please login or sign up. Entire forum This topic This board. January 23,am. Mobile Main Menu. Famicom Disk System - error 27 issue. Started by guineapig64, May 21,am Previous topic - Next topic. Go Down Pages 1. Location: Illinois Logged. Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been on here for awhile, I've been kind of busy lol.

I'm back on here because I have yet another problem but this time it's with my Famicom Disk System. Anyways, I keep getting the error 27 message that keeps saying "disk trouble" and I don't know why it keeps saying that and it sounds like everything is working fine.

So far I never got the game to work and it's a brand new copy so I'm really thinking that something may be wrong with the Famicom Disk System but I don't know what the problem is.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do?

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I'm not very good when it comes to repairs since I'm not a very technical person so I may need suggestions that would be easy for me to understand.

Re: Famicom Disk System - error 27 issue.

Famicom Disk System

I could probably try to clean the drive head but before I do that where is the drive head located and what should I use to clean the drive head? Use isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip to clean it. You can also scrape off any gunk on it with your fingernail--pirate disks are notorious for leaving artifacts on the read head, although these usually result in Error 22, not Error 27 can be caused from other stuff--misaligned spindle, broken drive belt, thin pressure pad or weak spring on the pressure arm, etc.

Have a look at my site here. I would like to let everyone know that my Famicom Disk System is now working. Apparently the drive head needed cleaned and it started working after that.

Thanks for your help everyone! Parodius Duh Guest Logged. MasterDisk, Parodius Duh - I'll be sure to come on here more often, I feel kind of bad for not coming on here for awhile since Famicom World is such a great website. Good to see that it only needed a sprinkling, which is a lucky break, as this usually indicates a more serious fault. Usually 22 is the worst, and means a general inability to read continual data, but they're all in the same 'family' of problems, so I suppose there's no reason that a dirty read surface couldn't return Err.

I have my own flowchart for diagnosis on most codes that I developed, but there are so many variables that nothing is ever a certainty. The FDS error code system is truly all kinds of lovely. Go Up Pages 1.The ASIC acts as a disk controller for the floppy drive, and also includes additional sound hardware featuring primitive wavetable synthesis and FM synthesis capabilities.

RAM Adapter - Bottom. Reliability The FDS and disk cards are notorious for reliability issues, with the most notable being the proprietary drive belt size and absence of shutters on the disk cards except for a few games that later included themcausing disks to get dirty and data to be corrupted.

Since Nintendo discontinued servicing FDS drives in the early s, replacing drive belts and calibrating drives is left to those who still want to load games using the disk system. Check out the Belt Replacement and Adjustment Tutorial if you need to replace the belt in your disk system.

When a disk is unable to be correctly read by the system, frustratingly simple and ill-explained error messages are displayed on-screen, leaving the user unsure of the exact problem.

Nintendo Disk Writer Disk Writers were available in many toy shops, department stores, and even some convenience stores across Japan until their dismantling in Disks and games were available several ways in Disk System land.

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First, you could buy a blank three-inch disk for yen and have the game of your choice written onto it for an extra yen. You could use the same disk again and again, writing in different games each time.

Famicom Disk System fix / I don't know how to play this game

A game-swap cost only yen, compared for the yen prices for cartridge-based games of the time. Even after cart technology surpassed the disks, the Disk System remained popular merely for this price factor. Another way was to buy a disk with the game you wanted already written, complete with manual, for anywhere from to yen.

These disks came in clear hard-plastic cases, and were sold with a manual in another, softer plastic case with a sticker sealing the case shut. If the seal was undamaged, then the disk was considered never used. Ninety-five percent of games fall into one of these categories. Certain games, mostly era Disk System ports of old Nintendo or Konami-made cartridge games, were available on disk solely via the Disk Writer and could not be purchased on disk separately.

famicom disk system error 27

Most of these independent games had cooler packaging than regular cartridge games, and some came with little toys or figures Roller Panic came in a CD case with a ton of freebies inside. Nintendo was apparently a little more lax in their Disk System packaging guidelines than on regular Famicom cart packaging.

Porno games were also not sold via the Nintendo-owned Disk Writers. Most titles were sold in record album-style flat cases, but one or two were sold in the traditional Hacker International-style VHS cassette sized plastic case. Hacker reverse-engineered the disk format circalong before they started releasing Famicom cartridge games of their own.

I decided to create FamicomDiskSystem. Additionally, since Nintendo no longer supports the rewriting or selling of disk cards, the magnetic disk media will slowly degrade and lose magnetic charge over time, rendering the FDS disks unplayable.

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The information on this site will allow you to successfully copy, dump, and rewrite your games onto FDS disks to enjoy them for decades to come. This site is not a piracy or warez website, and the information presented here is not to be used for game piracy.

Furthermore, I am not able to assist you with every question. Please use my resources to find what you are looking for. I have been an avid Famicom enthusiast and collector since I write nearly all of my tutorials and information and take the majority of pictures and screenshots you see on the site. Proper credit is given to collaborators and other credit-worthy individuals who have helped me along the way. Hurrah to Mario, our only hero. About the FDS.FAQ and Rules You will have to register before you can post.

Don't use an AOL e-mail address to register. Account activation will take a few days. Posting privileges to the Buying and Selling sub-forums will be granted 10 days after registration.

famicom disk system error 27

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Similar agreements apply to other advertising or affiliate programs such as those from eBay, Google, etc. Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 14 of Thread: Famicom Disk System error Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I just bought an FDS off ebay and it works for the most part.

However, I have a few games for which it gives error 27, and one gives error I've read about adjusting the motor, the drive head, etc. Is it more likely a problem with the discs themselves, or should I really adjust something, and if so, what exactly do I adjust?

By the way, the games that give the error messages appear to be official, Nintendo-licensed discs. I've also cleaned the metal reader head with rubbing alcohol, though it wasn't very dirty. Last edited by todesengel; at PM. It occurs to me now that I should have posted this in the "Technical and Restoration" forum. Sounds like a bad disk. If the data is corrupted they can give all kinds of weird errors even if the drive is in working condition. I have an FDS that works fine somedays, and spews out all of those error codes on other days, I assume due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Same game, different results from day to day. Proper tuning seems to be critical for proper operation.

famicom disk system error 27

Originally Posted by FABombjoy. Every disk system behaves differently. That's one of the most annoying things I've learned about them as I own three of them.

A game that works flawlessly in one may spew an error out in another and so on.Of course, reusing gift bags, reusing wrapping paper, and wrapping presents in reusable cloth bags or furoshiki are the best options. When that happens, I include a message to the seller requesting zero plastic or Styrofoam packaging, including plastic tape. And I send back unwanted plastic I receive unsolicited in the mail or on my doorstep.

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Famicom Disk System (FDS)

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